About Us

Hello! We are a Mexican company focused on the manufacture of chocolate, we are located in San José del Cabo, B.C.S.
We start with Mexican cocoa, Creole, white almond that comes from the largest cocoa farms in Tabasco, carrying out the process known as: Bean To Bar
At Chocola.T we offer you the best of the flavor and benefits of 100% Mexican Creole cocoa.

It is a cocoa recognized as high quality, with low tannin content, reserved for the manufacture of the finest chocolates. The tree is fragile and of low yield. The grain is thin, soft and not very aromatic. It represents, at most, 10% of world production.

Cocoa Process


Allow the flavor of the beans to intensify.


The roasted cocoa is crushed until obtaining small pieces of seeds without hulls.


The cocoa beans are ground to obtain the cocoa mass.


The cocoa is pressed to extract the cocoa butter.


It consists of adding other products, such as: sugar, vanilla, cinnamon etc …


It is refined by stone mills, lowering the size of the particles, to obtain the sensation of creaminess of chocolate.


The conching consists of reducing the acidity of the chocolate.


The chocolate paste is poured into molds that give the final shape.

Xocolatl BCS - Venta de Cacao en Los Cabos